Azure Data Studio – 5

Episode 5 - Welcome Tour

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As Azure Data Studio continues to grow and bring new features allowing us to be more productive in our day-to-day work activities, a fantastic new feature which has been included to assist those of you who are new to the product on getting started.

In this post we will have a look at the introduction of the Feature Tour on the Welcome Page. The Welcome Page was introduced a couple of releases ago and continues to be enhanced and modified to make your introduction simpler, with a great user experience.

If you are a first time user of Azure Data Studio, have a read of Episode 2 – Installation, where we show you where to get the tool from and how to install Azure Data studio.

Now that you have Azure Data Studio installed, we are good to have a look at the new Welcome Page and associated Feature Tour.



Upon starting Azure Data Studio, you should be greeted with the Welcome Page which is packed with useful information:

  • Quick links for some common activities:
    • Create a Connection
    • Run a query
    • Create a notebook
    • Deploy a server
  • Links to Microsoft created content on youtube to assist in your learnings and coming to grips with what Azure Data Studio has to offer
  • Feature Tour

You can access the quick links either from the New Drop Down or from 1 of the 4 tabs that you are interested in.

Before you start playing with Azure Data Studio I do recommend that you walk through the Feature Tour, which introduces you to 5 key feature points in Azure Data Studio to ensure your experience is as you would like it.

Welcome to the world of Azure Data Studio.

Enjoy the tool and the additional productivity to your day working with Azure Data Studio brings.

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