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Azure Arc-enabled SQL MI Disaster Recovery

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In the previous post, we introduced you to how Azure Arc-enabled SQL MI provides High Availability based on the tier you have deployed.  If your environment requires disaster recovery, regardless of the tier level you have deployed, Azure Arc-enabled Data Services covers the job for you.

You will require to build your secondary site and have a secondary Kubernetes cluster and deploy the required Arc-enabled SQL MI instances to match your primary site. You will need to ensure that both sites (primary and secondary) are created with the same resources.

Once you have both sites configured, you are able to link these up, providing you with your disaster recovery by creating the appropriate Azure Failover Group.

Azure Failover groups utilize the contained Availability Group functionality to replicate from your primary to your secondary site providing you with the coverage that you require.

In our next post we will have a look at monitoring your Azure Arc-enabled SQL MI environment.

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