Remote SQL Server DBA Services

Good DBAs Come with a High Price Tag

Do you need a full-time DBA?  You may want to send your Developer or Systems Administrator to a SQL Server training course, but they still will not have the knowledge to solve the more complex performance issues your environment is experiencing.

DBA Managed Services from SQL Masters Consulting gives you expert level staffing allowing you to focus on the business, and we will provide what is needed to solve your toughest SQL Server Problems. We then monitor your environment to make sure there are no surprises.

Database Managed Services from SQL Masters Consulting

No matter where your SQL Server environments are (On-premises, Cloud or Hybrid) or what industry you’re in, SQL Masters Consulting provides the expertise you require.  Our managed service provides:

  • Database monitoring and alerting using industry-leading tools;
  • 8×5 or 24×7 coverage;
  • Next-Day, two-hour or 20 minute response time
  • Regular Health Checks and reporting
  • Support from Senior / Expert level resources

Master Level Expertise

Are you tired of your MSP providing a tiered level of access from Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 support based on your current requirement? SQL Masters Consulting consultants working on your environment are senior DBA’s with wide ranging industry experience providing you with expert skills and backed by Microsoft Certified Masters. Skip level 1, jump straight to top and get your problems solved.

Flexible Service Models

Most MSPs offer a full suite of services, and they try to lock you into a term contract, then upsell consulting hours throughout the term of the contract. But you may not need all of the services in the contract. At SQL Masters Consulting, we use a model where you can choose your services and the amount of expertise you need. This covers everything from the Health Check, Architecture review, and implementations all the way through to your SLA and response times. Also, with flexible contract terms, you can increase, reduce, or cancel your commitment at any time.

Transparency & Accountability

Working with an MSP creates its own set of processes you will need to manage. Developing these processes from scratch can be time-consuming and prone to experimentation errors. SQL Masters Consulting brings proven processes to the relationship and the tools to facilitate them. We also communicate with you throughout your engagement to give you peace of mind in your data ecosystem.

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SQL Masters Consulting is a SQL Server Consultancy business focusing primarily on SQL Server, allowing for an in-depth knowledge of the product stack.