Data Integrations & Data Hub

Many organisations use a variety of applications that service different portions of their business. While all play important roles they are often disconnected and can form seperated ‘silos’ of valuable business information. Underpinning these applications are usually collections of different databases, files and spreadsheets that can be difficult to maintain, track and keep current.

Have you often wondered how you could take the data from one system and consolidate it with the data from another system either to compare or analyse the consolidated information?

Would you like a centralised repository that allows you to discover and explore your company data, generate reports, determine KPI performance, and gain new business insights?

What if this could be automated so that any hour of any day you are able to view this data and know exactly how your business is performing?

Managers today are finding valuable business insights that can be the extra factors in winning new business, as well as finding new ways to be more effective in their current operations simply by:

  • Identifying where their important data resides
  • Classifying the data
  • Cleansing data
  • Standardising and conforming data
  • Consolidating the data
  • Analysing and Reporting the data

With all the industry commentary today around visualisations, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence it’s easy to forget that the data that underpins these offerings needs first to be sourced and integrated before it can be analysed and reported on. This can be a complex, time consuming and daunting task. The charts, dashboards and visualisations are ultimately only as good as the data that they are trying to represent.

To unlock and reveal the value in your company data, SQL Masters Consulting can assist you in developing your own Data Hub – an integrated environment of consolidated, simplified, clean data suitable for all your reporting and analytical needs.