SQL Masters Consulting offers a range of training courses to meet your continual professional development. At SQL Masters Consulting we have tailored our training courses with real world experience and practicality in mind so that you are able to apply what you learn in your work place.

Our courses are delivered by our experienced Australasian based consultants. They will impart the practical knowledge that we have gained working with modern forward thinking organisations.

Data Platform Training Courses

Our Data Platform training courses are the staple DBA skills required for the modern day DBA. We have four (4) training courses available:

Master Class Training

We at SQL Masters Consulting will look to offer a Master Class training session  from an International  trainer, giving you access to training content that is not otherwise available here in Australia. Each year this will be a different trainer and different topic to assist you along your SQL Server professional development.

Our 2020 Master Classes:

Our  2018 Master Classes: