Unified Azure SQL Experience

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Microsoft has been working hard to provide us a better user experience inside of our Azure Portal environment to make it easier for us to group our Azure SQL resources together as well as allowing us to make easier informed decisions around the resource we need to create and use. If you log into your Azure Portal and navigate to the SQL Database you will now be given a choice to try the new SQL Resource Browser. It is very easy and simple just a click and your new user experience starts.

image This brings us into the new combined browsers environment combining all of your Azure SQL Resources (Single Databases, Elastic Pools, Database Servers, Managed Instances & Azure VMs running SQL Server) in this single place making it easier for you to manage your estate. When you need to add a new resource and you select Add you are provided with a guided experience giving you all of the information you need to make an informed decision on which resource is right for you. As you can see when you select the Show Details for the particular resource you are looking at creating you are given a high level description of what each offers and under what scenarios they are recommended for.

From here you are also provided with an easy filtered list of images you wish to choose from for the deployment.

To take advantage of the manageability with the VMs running SQL Server you will need to register your VM with the SQL VM Resource Provider

imageStay tuned for all future announcements and enhancements for new scalable manageability features, platform advancements, and new manageability features for SQL VMs.

You can check out this new experience today, starting with the centralized management hub. If you are new to Azure, you can start now with a free trial. You can also view a demo of this experience in this video or read more about our entire offering to learn more.

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