Testing your Database in a DevOPs Pipeline

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This month while at MVP Summit in Redmond WA (USA not Australia :)) our Database DevOPs Evangelist Hamish Watson recorded this session on “Testing your Database in a DevOPs Pipeline” on The DevOps Lab with Damian Brady (B|T).

In this session Hamish walks you through how and why you should be testing your database changes and implementations prior to deploying into production. To achieve this really important process that can save time, save money, be more productive and confident that the implementation is not going to have issues in production but will have issues in earlier environments Hamish introduces you to some tooling and processes to use this tooling.

Have you heard of the Shift Left Strategy? In summary this strategy is to shift the process of failing and finding failures to much earlier in the process Ie. to the left allowing your production deployments to be undertaken having already identified and resolved any issues.

Some of the tools that Hamish covers in this session that allows you to undertake this vital process are:

  • tSQLt – Used in SSMS, VSTS, TFS
  • SSDT – Unit tests built into the product (unittest.cs)

Without giving to much more away have a look and listen to Hamish and Damian talking “Testing your Database in a DevOPs Pipeline

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