Azure Virtual Machines

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The world of Cloud Computing is changing very quickly. Whether you are already using cloud services or looking at using cloud services to host your website or extend your SQL Server footprint into a hybrid environment the performance improvements in cloud resources from Azure is constantly improving.

Our computing requirements are constantly changing and we need to be able to get things done in a much faster manner. With this in mind Microsoft Azure released a new series of Virtual Machines that are available for you to utilize in Azure. On September 22, 2014 the new D-Series of Virtual Machines was released to help you with those performance required workloads.

The new D-Series of Virtual Machines provide for increase in performance with the inclusion of local SSD’s to provide faster IO for your SQL Server environments. Depending on which type of D-Series you choose (General or High Memory) you can have up to 112 GB of memory for your Azure Virtual Machine. If you are using SQL Server Standard Edition then then with these new D-Series Virtual Machines you can take advantage of the dedicated  local SSD’s in conjunction with SQL Server 2014’s Buffer Pool Extension (BPE) you can extend your memory requirements, allowing you to meet those demands of increased performance.

If you are not aware of what BPE can do for you environment have a read of my previous article SQL Server 2014 : Buffer Pool Extension to see what this new technology can do for your SQL Server environment.

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