Why I’ve Joined SQL Masters Consulting as a Data Platform Consultant

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This blog post is a continuation from why I left Jade Software (which you can read about here) and describes why I formed my own company to provide services for SQL  Masters Consulting.

Warwick Rudd, CEO of SQL Masters Consulting was someone in the speaker community I had gotten to know and I was impressed with Warwick’s knowledge for Microsoft SQL Server and more specifically the internals of SQL Server.  His company was originally formed around SQL Server consulting and training.  SQL Masters Consulting had grown in 2017 and Warwick had taken on 2 new consultants and in mid-2017 Warwick wanted to take the company on a step change and embrace DevOPs – more to the point DevOPs for the Database.

I meanwhile had been working on how to bring DevOPs to Databases and because Warwick is a good friend of mine we talked a lot about the challenges and benefits of achieving this.  My role at the time was getting towards a point where I kind of knew everything and I needed a new challenge.

Warwick had a challenge.

Over time I thought about what it would mean to sign up and work for SQL Masters Consulting – the main thing for me was that I would be bringing DevOPs to a company specialising in databases and that by osmosis my database skills would be enhanced.

So I made the big leap: formed my own company, resigned from Jade Software and today 22nd January 2018 I have joined the SQL Masters Consulting team. I setup my own company so I can still retain my own brand but still bring in work that will build & complement what Warwick and I will do together.

I’m looking forward to being part of a company that is innovatively looking forward to how DevOPs can bring efficiencies and quality to database deployments.  My vision has always been to show people how DevOPs can work for them, which matches the mission of a company that is wanting to make a radical difference in the database world using DevOPs.

It feels like the right kind of move for me.

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