T-SQL Tuesday #57 – SQL Family and community

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Thank you Jeffrey Verheul (B|T) for hosting this month’s T-SQL Tuesday party. For those of you that do not know T-SQL Tuesday was started by Adam Machanic (B|T) in 2009. If you feel like hosting 1 of these monthly events drop Adam a line. This months topic is SQL Family and community.

Like everything in life if we do not know what we do not know then how can you be aware of it? I would say that I am not alone in this statement but probably for the first two thirds of my professional career I was unaware of the SQL Family and community. I was working and learning bits and pieces around SQL Server from either going on the odd training course or from more senior work colleagues. I first became aware of the SQL Family and community about 4 years ago when in a role I was working in, introduced me into the world of presenting at SQL Server User Groups, SQL Saturday Events and TechED here in Australia.

The SQL User Groups & SQL Saturday events not just here in Australia but world wide are run and organised by fellow community members to provide an excellent source of free learning and networking from fellow SQL Server enthusiasts. Over the last 4 years presenting at various events have introduced me to a many number of people both interstate and internationally that has allowed me to both share and learn from many others in this community which I am a proud member. If I was not I would not be writing this post and including it as part of this monthly party started by Adam Machanic 5 years ago.

I guess one of the biggest benefits for me came about when I was studying for the Microsoft Certified Master – SQL 2008 exam. Some of the people who I e-met on the fast track course both as trainees and trainers have helped me tremendously over the last couple of years. Some of those people I had never met before but when the opportunity came around to head to Seattle a couple of years back for SQL Pass, I was able to personally meet some of these people who I have stayed in contact with.

The ability to travel interstate or internationally and catch up with other community members is something that I do enjoy and would encourage any budding SQL Professional to find a topic that you would like to present on. The experience may be daunting at first but you can learn so much about yourself and about the topic you are presenting on as well as meeting some pretty talented people in the SQL Community who are willing to help and provide some guiding tips.

I can only hope that any of you reading this post will take up the opportunity and submit a session for a SQLSaturday event near you and become a member of this ever growing an large family to enrich not just yourself but others around your knowledge and passion of the SQL Server product.

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