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It’s official, the date we have all been waiting for. Today Microsoft announced the release date for SQL Server 2016 being generally available for use – “June 1, 2016”. What does this mean? well those that have SQL Server Roadmaps that have been thinking about including SQL Server 2016 can now actually start to incorporate this new version into the SQL Server environments. Start to talk to vendors and ensure that any applications databases are supported for 2016 to allow you to upgrade and move to this new edition.

What’s new in SQL Server 2016 for us by edition?

Feature Express Standard Enterprise
Maximum number of Cores 4 24 Unlimited
Basic High Availability Yes Yes
Advanced OLTP Yes
Basic Security Yes Yes
Advanced Security Yes
Data warehousing Yes
Programmability & Developer Yes Yes Yes
Basic Corporate BI Yes Yes
Mobile BI Yes
Advanced Corporate BI Yes
Basic R Integration Yes Yes Yes
Advanced R Integration Yes
Stretch Database Yes Yes Yes

For more detailed information around each of the features and what is incorporated have a read of the SQL Server 2016 Edition Datasheet. The official release details are available for you to read.

If you need any assistance with your SQL Server Roadmap drop us a line and we are happy to help.


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