SQL Server 2016 – Management Tools Installation

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With the impending release of SQL Server 2016, the installation of components of SQL Server has changed slightly to what you are used to.  Normally we are used to the installation of SQL Server Management Studio as part of the shared components of the installation process. For this part, if we were needing to install SQL Server Management Studio we needed to go through the full installation process and make sure that we just select the shared components for SQL Server Management Studio. This now all changes.

On the installation tab we now see a couple of extra options, specifically for SQL Server Management Tools and SQL Server Data Tools. These 2 separate installations options change the way we go about installing the components that are required.


By Selecting the Install SQL Server Management Tools option on the Installation Tab, the management tools package starts to load and install the appropriate files as part of a single complete package. You will now have a full set of management tools installed.


Be careful, as at the time of writing this post, the installation package does have a dependency of being connected to the internet to be able to pull down the appropriate parts for the installation to complete. Enjoy playing with SQL Server 2016 SQL Server Management Tools.

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