SQL Server 2012 Licensing

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With the announcement that Microsoft’s SQL Server code-name ‘Denali’ at SQL PASS 2011 to be known as SQL Server 2012, new details have now been released around the licensing changes that will be introduced with the release of SQL Server 2012 in 2012.

These licensing changes are aimed at simplifying the process for everyone by reducing the number of editions and the introduction of a new edition. The 3 main editions supported under the new SQL Server 2012 licensing model are:

  • Enterprise
  • Business Intelligence
  • Standard

To understand each of these 3 supported editions and compare them to help determine the appropriate edition you require, details are available here.

With 3 licensing options available across the 3 editions :

  • Core Based (Enterprise Edition)
  • Server & Client Access License (CAL)  (Business Intelligence)
  • Core Based / Server & CAL (Standard Edition)

For further information around the pricing model for each of the 3 licensing options download the SQL Server 2012 Licensing Data sheet.

To understand the changes in licensing options download the FAQ sheet.

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