SQL PASS 2011 Day 1

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Well yesterday was officially the first day of SQL PASS 2011 in Seattle Washington. The day started out with the keynote and covered some pretty cool announcements like:

  • SQL Server Code Name Denali has been Named “SQL Server 2012”
  • Project Crescent only available in SQL Server 2012 has been Name “Power View”

Being a first timer at a SQL PASS summit, looking at the schedule of available sessions is just mind blowing. Comparing the sessions to the likes of Tech-ED Australia it is really difficult to decide on the sessions to go to as there are 20 different session just on the DBA stream on today. Having made my choices for the day it is time to start the long day. Luckily we are getting the dvd’s of the sessions to share with the guys back in Brisbane but also to allow us to see those sessions that we are unable to get to during the course of the conference this week.

The sessions that I went along to today are:

Stay tuned for day 2 updates


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