Setting FavIcon for your DNN Portal

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Being a relatively novice user of DNN for my own site, I was wanting to change the icon that was displayed in my browser, IE, Chrome, Firefox etc to show my own icon like i have seen on many sites and not the standard DNN icon.


Once I found out what this was called “FavIcon”, I was able to go looking on how to change this. I found some good links and they all mentioned the same steps.

  1. Create your Icon
  2. Upload your Icon to your Portal root directory
  3. Refresh and hey presto your icon has now changed

Unfortunately for me this was not the case and my Icon would not change. So back to the drawing board and some more searching to try and find out how I can change this icon.

I came across this link by Chris Hammond – which was able to fix my problem very quickly. My problem and it may be yours as well was the version of DNN that my site is running under. All of the steps to change your FavIcon.ico are for previous versions of DNN. As I am running DNN 6 the steps have changed.

  1. Log into your Portal
  2. Under Admin | Site Setting’s | Appearance, you will find a section “Favicon.ico”. For your Portal Root, under the File drop down select your favicon.ico file
  3. Click update


Go back and refresh your url link and you should now have your own icon being displayed on your site.


I hope this helps you with your DNN site.


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