Continuous Delivery for the Database – Jan 2019

Database Lifecycle Management (DLM) is a comprehensive approach to managing the database schema, data and metadata for a database application. It encompasses the established principles and practices of DevOPs and allows you, the data professional to apply them when deploying changes and code to your SQL Server databases.

Using both Redgate tools as well as Team City and Octopus Deploy we have designed this course 1 of 3 that will train you in the principles of DevOPs and DLM focusing specifically on Continuous Delivery for the Database.

This course will be run on our own hosted standardised VMs which you will use for the practical aspects of the course and are your very own area to play with and test things out. Do not worry about breaking things, that is the point, we want you to try things out during this course!!

Course Outline

Module 3: Continuous Delivery for the Database

In this module we will teach you:

  • Introduction to Continuous Delivery
  • Introduction to an automated deployment server (Octopus Deploy)
  • Demonstrate how PowerShell and Redgate’s DLM Automation help with Continuous Delivery
  • Integrating the deployment server with our automated builds
  • Automating the deployment of changes to a production database


Who is this course for:

This course is for the DBA, Developer or Tester who works with making/deploying changes to SQL Server Databases. By utilising DevOPs principles in the deployment process this course will teach you how to achieve repeatable, reliable automated deployments to a production database.

DevOPs for the Database Training

Continuous Delivery for the Database

Timezone - AEST
Wednesday Jan 16, 2019
AUD$550 + GST


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