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SQL Server Managed Service - Peace of Mind and Optimal Performance

SQL Masters Consulting offers our customers a range of Managed Services Options for your Microsoft SQL Server environment ensuring that the underlying database environment supporting your business systems are running at their optimal level 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With access to business data becoming more and more critical for business decision making as well as day to day operations, ensuring your most critical asset is always available, recoverable and optimized has never been more important.

SQL Masters Consulting offers three levels of support, each including monitoring, reporting and access to the Secure Portal.

Our Gold Managed SQL Server Database Service – The most comprehensive Service Level, provides a complete, cost-effective solution for SQL Server Database protection. It Includes a range of day-to-day database administration tasks, full technical monitoring/alerting, management reporting and capacity planning. In essence, SQL Masters Consulting performs the role of a proactive Production DBA.

Our Silver Managed SQL Server Database Service – Tailored for compaines that require assistance with day-to-day database activities but who still like to be “hands-on” with some management, this model splits the role of the Production DBA between the client’s staff and SQL Masters Consulting. We help your internal resources effectively manage a Production SQL Server environment while providing coverage and escalation for unresolved issues. In addition we provide an audit and reporting cycle to ensure that the database environment is maintained to industry  recommended practice levels.

Our Bronze Managed SQL Server Database Service – Provides access to management audit and reporting information and tools that enable the effective and efficient management of a managed SQL Server Database instance to industry recommended practice levels. This offering also ensures that the customer has access to SQL Server Database expertise when required.

The Monitoring, Alerting and SLA’s are the same for all three levels of service, the only difference is what is included under contract giving you the ability to select a level of service which is appropriate to your needs and budget on a per instance basis. Instances can be moved from one service level to another at any time giving you copmplete flexibility.

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SQL Masters Consulting is a SQL Server Consultancy business focusing primarily on SQL Server, allowing for an in-depth knowledge of the product stack.