SQL Server Consolidations

SQL Masters Consulting can assist you in consolidating your Microsoft SQL Server footprint to allow you to maximise your SQL Server resources allowing you to reduce capital and operational costs. Many organisations are faced with the ever increasing SQL Server sprawl which leads to increased licensing and management costs.

We can achieve the desired outcome of a consolidated environment meeting your needs and budget by:

  1. Discovering and mapping your existing environment
  2. Discuss and understand your future requirements
  3. Design a consolidated SQL Server topology
  4. Build the SQL Server topology
  5. Migrate and Consolidate the existing environment to the new SQL Server topology

For more information on how SQL Masters Consulting can assist you with your SQL Server Roadmap please peruse the SQL Server Roadmap brochure.

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SQL Masters Consulting is a SQL Server Consultancy business focusing primarily on SQL Server, allowing for an in-depth knowledge of the product stack.