13 Feb 2018 Online

DBA Fundamentals VC Session

Migrating to SQL Server 2017

How do you design and implement a safe and successful migration from an older version of SQL Server to SQL Server 2017 with no data loss and virtually no downtime?

What if you have a limited hardware budget for the upgrade effort and you are worried about the core-based licensing in SQL Server 2017? How can you choose your hardware wisely in light of the new licensing model?

How can you convince your organization that the time is right to upgrade to SQL Server 2017?

This session will cover several different methods for migrating your data to SQL Server 2017 while meeting these objectives and minimizing your hardware and licensing costs.

You will also learn how to help make the case that a complete data platform upgrade makes excellent sense from a business perspective. You will also learn how to do effective capacity planning for the new environment to ensure that you have the best performance possible with a manageable SQL Server 2017 licensing cost.

DBA Fundamentals Downunder VC Session

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Tuesday February 13, 2018
12:30 pm AEST