12 Jan 2021

Data Platform Downunder Meetup: Session 1

SQL Server Configuration and Deployment with Powershell DSC

Provisioning a new SQL Server instance is not just about the install. Often times we have to go through a litany of post configuration steps that must be performed. When we do this manually we are far more likely to make mistakes.

Additionally configuration can change over time. These changes need to be managed and unexpected changes can cause issues. Can you say for certain that your systems are configured exactly as you expect?

Desired State Configuration (DSC) in Powershell is a key tool for moving towards a culture of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) in a windows environment. It can help make your deployments more consistent while speeding them up. Additionally it can help you monitor, report, and correct configuration drift automatically.

In this session we will go over the core principles of Infrastructure as Code, the various components of DSC and how to use them. We will then use DSC to deploy and configure SQL Server with the push of a button.

Data Platform Downunder Meetup

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Tuesday January 12, 2021
12:15 pm AEST