08 Aug 2023 Online

Data Platform Downunder Meetup: Aug 2023

Database Reliability Engineering - Is the DBA Extinct?

The role of the DBA is evolving, with automated builds, cloud and devops being the new A,B,C,Ds in the day to day management of databases, you need to up-skill and learn about Database Reliability Engineering (DRE).

DRE teams configure, manage and support database infrastructure, writing the automation that builds databases to scale to serve hundreds of thousands of queries per second.

Typically DRE teams are responsible for keeping database infrastructure up and running smoothly in production. They design monitoring and alerting to keep the business stable, develop tooling to automatically heal and scale infrastructure to meet growth and demand, and work closely with developers as they decide which database to use and how to optimise data structures and queries to get the best performance.

In this session you will learn the fundamentals of devops and how Database Reliability Engineering is like devops on steroids. You’ll learn the advantages of Infrastructure as Code, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery and how they can enhance not only your deployments but your future employability!!

Data Platform Downunder Meetup

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Tuesday August 8, 2023
12:15 pm AEST