DevOPs Health Check

“The tools are great but the process fails because the people don’t get the culture…”

That statement highlights why a lot of initial DevOPs implementations fail. In order for DevOPs practices and principles to work we need everyone on board. We need to identify what silos exist in our organisation and break them down so that everyone is working towards our common goal. That goal is to maximise the delivery of business value to our end users.

Our Health Check will help you identify what pain points you currently have in your database deployments and how utilising DevOPs processes such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery will help you achieve your goal. We will come onsite for 3-5 days (this does depend on how large your organisation is) where we will review your current DevOPs practices and highlight improvement areas.

Our activities whilst onsite will be:

  • Interview all business stakeholders to understand the goal of the business
  • Determine what your current deployment pipeline looks like
  • Look at how you are using source control
  • Look at what issues and defect tracking processes you have
  • Look at what automated build and release tools you are currently using
  • Identify what bottlenecks there are in the current deployment pipeline
  • Document recommendations and return on investment
  • Create a high level plan for implementing initial wins

One reason we will come onsite is to observe and discuss your current practices in deploying changes to your databases. We will have recommendations around some tools that we think might help you (Redgate toolsets, Azure DevOPs, Octopus Deploy and others) whilst looking at what tools you currently use to deploy to your databases.

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